The Rabbi Samuel and Zehava Friedman

Kollel of Metropolitan Washington

"Kollel" is an age-old institution in which scholars engage in advanced Torah study. A variation on this theme has emerged in the past fifty years, in which these scholars also share their Torah knowledge with their host communities. The Rabbi Samuel and Zehava Friedman Kollel excels at these core criteria. The Kollel is comprised of high-caliber Torah scholars pursuing intensive Torah studies throughout the day. They teach Torah classes and conduct one-on-one learning sessions with community members throughout the metropolitan Washington area. The Kollel also embraces a broader and more far-reaching mission: To transform and transition promising high-caliber Torah scholars into strong and effective Torah leaders capable of affecting all segments of the Jewish population.

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To listen to recordings of Mrs. Carl's sunday Melachim classes please contact [email protected].


Capital Torah is a weekly Torah publication written by members of the Friedman Kollel. Please contact [email protected] to receive future issues by email.


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